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A Good Buddy Of Mine

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Tuesday December 6, 2011 )

The schmaltz of the affiliate marketing and “make money online” world sometimes gets to me.

Any email that mentions something “a good buddy” of the sender is doing (selling) should be ignored, or at least treated with extreme caution.

If it starts out with “Dear friend” (or variations of this) as well, just nuke it.. and with extreme prejudice.

The “good buddy” approach is often a signal something similar to “inner circle marketing“, a topic I wrote about some years ago.

However, these two buddies may not be buddies at all, just colleagues vaguely aware of each other at best. Perhaps their association isn’t even that deep. They may have only met a couple of days prior, with one goal in mind – to make money.

Sometimes they have never met at all.

The “buddy” is sometimes an info-product or software developer with a large list of subscribers, most of whom are trying to make money on the web. He churns out his latest “get rich online” ebook or such and then sends a note out to his list, offering a cut of the sales his subscribers make under an affiliate program.

Heck, he’ll often even include the promotional blurb his subscribers can use to hawk his wares to other – complete with the “buddy” reference.

If that’s where friendship is heading, it’s all yours.

I have no problem with hypey promo, but when it infers a personal association where none exists, it’s a little misleading as that association can lend credibility in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Don’t let the “buddy” ploy sway a purchase decision. Examine the product on its own merits rather than any real or imagined association the person promoting it has stated.


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