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Most popular blog posts on TTB

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday August 26, 2006 )

The following is a list of some of the currently most popular posts on this blog for November 2006 in no particular order; based on the number of views. I’ll try to update the list regularly. (more…)

Popular blog posts

Posted by Michael Bloch in  (Saturday August 19, 2006 )

The following is a list of some of the most read posts on my blog in no particular order. List is updated at regular intervals.

MySpace profile trackers
The real deal on this most sought after tracker. Do profile trackers really work? What’s MySpace’s view on them? Get the answers here!

Voice blog comments
A look at blog commenting systems where readers can leave their comments via voice.

Poison comment karma
The relative anonymity of the web encourages some people to leave aggressive or otherwise inappropriate comments on blog posts. It can backfire.

Link exchange laughs
The automation of link exchange requests creates some rather amusing requests being made. If you use link exchange software or hire firms to chase links for you; you’ll want to read this.

RSS a security risk?
Most of us use RSS feeds in conjunction with our blogs – but did you know that we may be inadvertently giving hackers a way into our readers’ computers? Learn more in this post.

Search ranking and clicks
Ever wondered what the difference in position in search engine results makes in terms of clicks? For example, what’s the click difference between being ranked no.1 vs. no.2. Thanks to some enterprising individuals you can now gain a better idea.

Disabling autocomplete in forms
The autocomplete function used in many browsers might be handy for users, but it’s a horrid security risk. You can help protect your visitors from themselves by disabling autocomplete in your site forms – and it’s very easy to do.

MySpace goes Google
MySpace has chosen Google to supply search results; giving the mighty G added exposure to over 100 million people and providing MySpace a much needed cash injection.

Holiday season marketing 2006
What strategies are online retailers using this holiday season and what strategies have they used in the past they won’t use this year? Find out in this post.

RSS autodiscovery
The new generation of browsers, including Internet Explorer 7 can automatically detect an RSS feed on a site and alert the user of its existence; but you do need to give these browsers a bit of a helping hand – and it’s very easy to do

Email read receipts and urgent flags
Urgent flags and read receipt features are handy features of many email clients, but horribly abused. Their real power is in using the features as little as possible

MySpace and social networking
Why is MySpace and other similar social networking services so popular? Learn more about the psychology behind their success.

Simple MySQL connection test
Your hosts says MySQL is working fine and the software author or your web developer says it’s not. Here’s a quick test to help narrow down where the problem lies.

False spam reports
Confirming what most of us already know – many users falsely report items as being spam simply because they are lazy. Learn more about how widespread the problem is and why it occurs.

New Digg linking method
Getting on the front page of Digg can do wonders for traffic to your web site – in fact, it can sometimes even crash your server. That aside, Digg have announced a new way to somewhat automate the submission system by making it easier for their members to “Digg” you.

Marketing via MySpace
The benefits of marketing your company via a MySpace profile and some points for consideration when doing so.

Auction feedback nightmare
How a single piece of unjustified negative auction feedback impacted on a merchant and the hell he went through to have it removed.

Poison comments and karma

Posted by Michael Bloch in web marketing (Wednesday July 12, 2006 )

It has been unfortunately quite fashionable for bloggers, blog commenters and forum participants to unleash their fury in their writings; often using insults, obscenity and aggression to express an opinion. It may feel pretty good at the time to blow off some steam, but it can really come back to haunt the person. (more…)

Teenagers – online activity

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Tuesday June 13, 2006 )

Over a third of teenagers aged 13-17 years spend three hours or more per day online (outside of school) according to a recent survey and in the 4 hours per day group, the gals outpace the guys (more…)

The online life of Generation Y

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Friday June 9, 2006 )

As with Generation X, there’s some debate as to the timespan that Generation Y covers, but it appears to be generally agreed upon that it applies to those people born between 1977-1994. This means that those born earlier in the period could also be identified as (more…)

Social networks growth/stickiness

Posted by Michael Bloch in online world (Saturday May 20, 2006 )

A recent report on social networking examines the spectacular growth and stickiness of the most popular services. Stickiness is a term referring to the ability of a site to retain clients, members or visitors and to have them (more…)