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Global Online Shopper Survey Report

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Saturday April 28, 2012 )

WorldPay has released a report on the findings of its survey that polled more than 19,000 online shoppers across the globe in regard to their online shopping habits.

Among the findings:

– Online shoppers are spending an average of 22% of their disposable income via the web.

– The top countries in terms of % of disposable income spent online:

USA – 23%
UK – 25%
Brazil – 27%
China – 31%
India – 33%

– 74% of online spending occurs between midday to midnight, with most (44%) purchases happening during the evening.

– 69% of respondents had paid by credit card, 40% via PayPal, 37% with a debit card and around 19% have used bank transfers.

– 29% of global online shoppers purchase items when at work

– 95% of online spending around the world is still made at home.

In relation to specific regions, the report singles out Australia as having the highest Internet penetration, but with just 18% of Australians’ disposable income accounting for online spend.

However, Australians have really flocked to shopping with overseas merchants; with 3 in 4 online shoppers (76%) claiming to have made purchases abroad.

WorldPay mentions reliability of imports from Asia and America contributing to this, but another important factor is our currently very strong dollar in my opinion; along with the fact Australian merchants have been a little slow in embracing ecommerce – and are often a little pricey.

In regard to shopping cart abandonment, the issue most prevalent in turning shoppers away were unexpected costs presented at checkout (56%). People simply don’t want nasty surprises such as higher than anticipated shipping costs.

WorldPay also surveyed merchants and found some disconnect between what online businesses think customers want and what the shoppers themselves see as priorities.

For example, when customers were asked their priorities, security and guarantees ranked highest, but merchants thought site design, navigation and purchasing speed were the most important.

You can download WorldPay’s full global online shopper report here (PDF)


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