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Women, blogging and ecommerce

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Friday May 16, 2008 )

Well over 50% of blog reading women and female bloggers state they have made a purchase decision based on content found in blogs according to a recent survey.

The BlogHer/Compass Partners survey of over 5,000 US women provides some interesting insights into the relationships between women and blogging. Based on the survey results, here’s some key findings

– 36.2 Million women are participating in the blogosphere weekly

– 15.1 Million women publish at least one post weekly

– 21.1 Million women are reading and/or posting comments to blogs weekly

Women appear to have a strong affinity with the blogosphere. When respondendents were asked what they would forgo before no participating in the blogosphere:

– 43% would give up newspapers or magazines
– 50% their PDAs
– 42% would forego their i-Pod
– 55% would even give up alcohol!

Even when it comes to purchasing; blogs have a big impact on decisions on whether or not to buy. As a result of blog posts, 38% of publishers and 29% of readers have made a purchase based on a recommendation or customer experience posted on a blog.

32% of publishers and 28% of readers have *avoided* making a purchase of a particular product or service based on experiences posted on a blog. That somewhat ties in with what I was saying yesterday about the old “all publicity is good publicity” myth.

Anyhow, the BlogHer survey has a stack of other glimpses into the mind of the female blogger and blog reader, you can download the report here (PDF)


Marketing to women online (older article of mine, but still contains relevant points)


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