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Under destruction pages

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Wednesday February 18, 2009 )

It’s amazing how many small business sites still have “under construction” pages.

You usually don’t move into a home that’s under construction or expect customers to shop in store where there’s scaffolding and building materials laying around; so why allow it on a web site?

In my opinion, under construction is under destruction; destroying faith in jittery shoppers, particularly on small web sites. It certainly doesn’t reassure site visitors that the company behind the site is solid and many people find it very frustrating. A link to a page comes with expectations and finding only the words “under construction” isn’t one of them. It says to me the business is new and not ready for prime time.

Another problem in allowing under construction pages is the effect it can have on search engines. The page won’t rank well and may continue to have problems ranking once content is finally added.

If you’re in a rush to get your site launched because of competitor activity or whatever reason, do so without the under construction pages or endeavor to get some sort of useful information on them. If the page has some content, but isn’t ready to be spidered by search engines, use the robots meta tag or a robots.txt file to prevent search engine robots from indexing the page.


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