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Speed To Call Crucial In Conversion

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Sunday December 2, 2012 )

A lead from a web form hits your inbox – do you follow up with a phone call straight away? Perhaps you should.

I hate the phone. I really, really, really hate it. But I recognize most people don’t and for some to remove the phone from the side of their heads would probably require surgical intervention.

One of the challenges of ecommerce continues to be one of trust. People still often feel the need for voice contact.

There’s also the impulse factor. When someone has completed a form on your site – whether it’s for a quote or product enquiry – it’s fairly safe to say there is an elevated level of interest at that moment in time. So, it makes sense that it’s probably one of the better times to follow up via phone.

Recent research from Leads360 states placing a phone call to a new lead or prospect within 60 seconds of lead generation can increase conversion by a whopping near 400%.

Leads360 also emphasizes the importance of repeat follow up calls if contact hasn’t been established, stating 93% of all converted leads are reached by the sixth call attempt.

If you haven’t reached the person by the 6th call, leads that require seven or more calls to achieve initial contact are 45% less likely to convert.

Hitting fast and hard appears to be the key – with the first day being where the most success is to be had. Beyond that, the company states there are 4 days when you should attempt a call. Day 1 should consist of 3 attempts (first minute, first hour and second hour), then one on Day 5, Day 14 and Day 15.

Leads360 points out the use of email in addition to using the phone can have a very positive impact on the ability to contact
and ultimately convert a prospect into a customer.

For further info, download Winning Contact Strategies Of Inside Sales Teams.

If the report motivates you to become a phone warrior, bear in mind issues such as time zones. I remember one U.S. based company following up on an inquiry I made some days earlier at 2AM in the morning. I was not impressed.

If you hate the telephone as much as I, here’s some other ways you can build trust via your website.


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