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Social Commerce Survey Results

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Thursday June 9, 2011 )

A recent survey of over 1,700 consumers looked at shopping activity and its relationship to activity on social sites and tools such as Facebook, Twitter and customer reviews.

The survey found 42 percent of online consumers have “followed” a retailer via Facebook, Twitter or a retailer’s blog. 58% of those respondents said they follow companies in order to locate special offers, while nearly half do so in order stay up to date on products.

56% of Facebook users stated they have clicked through to a retailer’s website because of a Facebook post, while over two-thirds of Twitter users state a tweet motivated them to click through to a website.

Here’s the ka-ching finding for online merchants: one-third of shoppers say they would be likely to make a purchase directly from Facebook.

Another important point uncovered by the survey was how big a role handheld devices are playing in social networking and shopping . 42 percent of Twitter users and 34% of Facebook users access the service on their mobile phone at least once a day.

Shoppers are also using mobile devices for research and information while physically shopping in stores with 47% of those surveyed stating they have accessed customer reviews while in a store.

The survey also delved into group-buying sites like Groupon that have been popping up everywhere of late. While 82% online consumers are aware of these sites, only 19 percent of survey respondents have actually bought anything through them.

However, those who do use group buying sites and make purchases would appear to do so frequently, with over half of those surveyed having spent over $100 to date. The most popular purchase categories would appear to be food and drink, entertainment and personal care items.

The 2011 “Social Commerce Study” was a joint research project by, comScore and Social Shopping Labs. Additional details from the survey can be viewed here.


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