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Minor cart tweaks increase sales

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Friday July 27, 2007 )

I’ve just been reading an interesting study on how an online retailer made a few simple changes to their shopping cart and reaped the benefits through dramatically increased conversions.

The Marketing Sherpa case study of Dymo’s shopping cart tweaks outlined some very interesting results, including:

– Changing a buy now button from blue to red improved conversions by just over 4%
– A ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button boosted conversions by a massive 44.11% over a existing ‘Add to Cart’ button
– On a cross-sell page, ‘Proceed to Cart’ was far more effective than ‘Add to Cart’ – 21.8%

It always amazes me how minor tweaks in shopping processes can make so much difference.

For a company the size of Dymo, running these sorts of tests is easier in the sense that they process a large number of orders each day, so many tweaks can be tested in a short space of time. For smaller sites, a subtle difference of a few percent is much harder to discern unless it’s run over a very long period. That’s why these case studies are a great resource for owners of sites with lower order volume – learn from the big guys for nix :).

Just another suggestion for buy buttons if you’re selling digital goods such as software – if your purchase buttons currently say “buy now”, try changing it to “download now”. The reason for this is that “buy” is a pain point – it’s saying to the customer “ok, give us your cash”. By stating “download now”, it’s more of a “we want you to have this” type statement.

Give it a whirl and see happens :).


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