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Shopping cart choices

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Sunday April 6, 2008 )

Way back in 2002, a client needed a special sort of shopping cart; something that would work off the shelf. I went through over 130 possible solutions to try and find the right one. Today, the range of choices is even larger – so no wonder people get confused as to what they need from a cart application and which one to buy.

Shopping cart selection is an incredibly important part of setting up for ecommerce; the wrong cart can cause all sorts of headaches and literally sink your online business dreams.

I’ve just updated my guide to choosing shopping carts – it’s designed mainly for people very new to ecommerce, but may also offer the more experienced with some points to consider when selecting a new cart applications. I’ve also updated my shopping cart software reviews section with my picks of some of the best software around.

I’m particularly excited by the release of Interspire’s new shopping cart – Eddie, Mitch and the team at Interspire crank out some very good software – I use ArticleLive, SendStudio and a few other applications; all top notch stuff – and I say that as a paying client rather than one who has received a freebie :).

I have a feeling that Interspire’s cart may well become the benchmark for other applications in that segment of the market.

By the way – if you’re just in the process of putting together your online business plan, it’s important to remember that the cart isn’t the whole box and dice in an ecommerce transaction. My guide to choosing a shopping cart explains this in a little more detail and I published an article on payment gateways and merchant accounts a while back to delve into this area a little more.


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