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Free security certification & seals

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Thursday March 30, 2006 )

Last week, Taming the Beast formed a partnership with a leading provider of web site security tools and certifications. These third party reviews and certifications not only help give you peace of mind about the security of your site – but just as importantly; it can reassure your customers through the implementation of visible seals.

As a special offer to Taming the visitors, you can receive a free 14 day trial of ControlScan certifications, which include the following reviews and seals:

Free trial - third party site security certification seals

It’s been well demonstrated that the implementation of third party certifications can minimize shopping cart abandonment and increase online sales, and you should be able to tell well within the free 14 day trial whether ControlScan’s services will be of value to your online business.

Even if you decide not to continue after the trial, you’ll be able to keep the “Business Background Reviewed” seal, valued at $299, at absolutely no cost or further obligation for a full year!

You’ll be able to rest assured in the fact that your site has been reviewed by an authority and found to meet security and privacy standards during the free trial.

Sign up today for your free trial, or learn more about how security certifications can boost your sales.


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