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Search Brings The Big Order Bucks

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Monday August 20, 2012 )

Email referred visits may convert more often, but search brings in the big bucks a study has found.

The Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly 2012 states the average order value of traffic from search engines is $26.21 higher than traffic from
social networks.

After search, email remains the trustiest source, providing an average order value $18.53 higher than traffic from social networks.

It’s a little different when it comes to conversion rates; with email conversions at 4.25% and search at 2.49%. Social media traffic is still just a blip at .59%

Another interesting tidbit in the report is the rise of Safari as a favored browser, particularly among online shoppers.

Mobile Safari and its desktop counterpart combined deliver 28.76% of traffic, an increase of just over 9 percent in one year. This puts it at no.2; with Chrome coming in third with a market share of 17.15% – an increase of 6.27% in one year. Increasingly IE’s lunch is being eaten and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

I haven’t looked at browser stats for my own sites for a while. I was really surprised to see the following results:

Internet Explorer – 32.07%
Safari – 21.28%
Chrome – 19.14%
Firefox – 17.38%
Android Browser – 4.95%

Much has changed in a relatively short space of time. Those figures cover the last 30 days for one of my sites and while it does vary a little between sites, Safari has certainly become a force to be reckoned with.

The Safari issue is another heads up that we really need to be gearing our sites towards users of hand-held devices – something I’m not particularly looking forward to, but as the old saying goes, “go hard, or go home”.

Monetate’s Ecommerce Quarterly 2012 report was based on a random sample of more than 100 million online shopping sessions over each calendar quarter. The full report can be downloaded here.


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