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Revenue generation – ScratchBack

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Sunday November 4, 2007 )

You’ve probably seen those online tipping jars around where users can make a donation to the blogger or site owner. ScratchBack is an interesting revenue generation alternative that works along the same lines, but gives something back to the donor.

ScratchBack is an online “tipping” system with a twist. It allows you to collect tips and in return give the donor a link to their site, or a site of their choice.

One very important point – all links are coded with a “nofollow tag”; this will keep you sweet with search engines that are currently cracking down on the practice of buying paid links with the primary goal of boosting search engine rankings.

ScratchBack lets you set the price and currently pays out 90% of the amount you specify. You can also set the maximum number of links, the duration each link will display, or configure the widget to act as a mini topsites application using the “autobump” feature.

For example, if you set your pricing low, say a buck, you’re more likely to get people paying for a link – each donor goes to the number 1 spot, then when the next tipper comes along and pays a dollar, they take the number one position.. and so on.

If you price your links low, you may get more tips. If you price them high, they may seem more valuable as there will likely be less turnover in the list under an “autobump” configuration.

Here’s an example of the application – go ahead, splurge out a dollar to see how it works :) (no adult, gambling or get rich quick stuff please).

You can also opt for an image based widget that displays small buttons for your tippers instead of links. As an added precaution against unsuitable content appearing, you can opt to review all tipper/donor links before they appear in the widget and you can also elect to get email notifications for each new submission.

ScratchBack is free to join and very simple to set up. Give it a whirl, I think this could be a great revenue generating alternative for many bloggers and content site owners!


1 comment for Revenue generation – ScratchBack
  1. are these hidden links which you pay to access?

    Comment by Martin — November 9, 2007 @ 6:19 pm

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