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Traffic to retail sites down

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Friday October 31, 2008 )

Is your traffic down on last year even though your search engine rankings are still solid? While it may not put bucks in the bank; if yours is a retailer site, you can rest assured you’re not alone.

Visits from folks in the USA to online retailers have dropped for the eighth consecutive week according to Hitwise.

As financial worries start to sink in and people decrease spending, these drops are the first in retail traffic this year and are making quite a few retailers jittery about the upcoming holiday season.

Some statistics on top shopping categories (year over year):

Music: -21%
Computers: -18%
Ticketing: -0.11%
Toys and Hobbies: -10%
Video and Games: -10%

Predictions for the holiday season at this stage? It’s certainly not something I’d like to guess at these days. Heck, even the financial whizzes with the double degrees have been getting a lot wrong lately. Back a couple of months ago, quite a few were predicting the Aussie dollar reaching parity with the greenback and today it’s around AU 68c.

Still, one of the great things about pure play online retail is overheads are usually quite a bit lower; which makes it easier to weather the tough times. Additionally, with more folks stating they’ll shop online this year for holiday gifts, again this goes in favor for merchants dealing relying on clicks rather than bricks.

You can read more of the HitWise report here


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