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Quick email etiquette tips

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Tuesday August 22, 2006 )

An email support request reply I recieved today which I very nearly trashed brought to mind a couple of quick tips that can help prevent others from doing the same to your emails.

The email I received had the persons name and the section of subject line that was viewable just had letters and numbers preceded by “re:” – so I just thought it was spam and it wound up in my deleted items.

When reviewing my deleted folder before blowing the contents away, I found this email to be an answer to a support request I had been waiting on. It was from a largish company so I was really surprised that the “from” name didn’t contain the appropriate identification.

Personalizing email is great; but busy people need to be able to determine very quickly the origins of an email, so it’s a good idea to make it as easy as possible.

When I reply to email, I like to use my name for that human touch, but I tack my site name on the end of it like so:

Michael Bloch [Taming the]

Also, the subject line is important. People may write to you using vague, or at times non-existent subject lines. When replying, make the subject line relevant to the contents of the email. After all, if they were vague when they wrote to you, they might be vague when they scan their inbound email too :).

You can pick up some more tips in my email etiquette guide.


Sincerely, Team X – etiquette


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