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Product descriptions are important

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Saturday September 27, 2008 )

I’ve touched on this a few times over the years, but with the (ugh) holiday season looming I thought it worth another mention. Consumers don’t just want the best prices, they want to make informed choices – and that’s where product descriptions are so important.

If you’re selling a ton of products, such as in a dropshipping based online store, its very tempting to opt for listings in quantity over quality. You’ll be so busy getting new products up, perhaps you’ll miss out on detailed product descriptions.

Consumers actually want this information, so you are likely doing yourself a disservice – and out of cash from lost sales.

I can think of two recent examples where I searched for a product and on landing on the first merchant’s site, found the detail lacking – so I moved on to the next one where a stack of detail was provided and bought from that merchant instead – and in one instance, it was even a little more expensive to.

Why? It indicated to me that the merchant perhaps cared a little more about what he/she was selling.

I’m certainly not alone in liking a detail accompanying product listings. According to an eMarketer’s report, The leading site feature chosen by 49% of respondents to a survey they ran was “clear, easy-to-access product information.”

The other advantage of having sufficient detail is that it can help you stand out from the pack when it comes to search engine ranking. Just a tip on this – merchants tend to just copy and paste details from manufacturer spec sheets, so you can wind up with hundreds of merchants listing the item in the same way. Search engines see this as duplicate content and will likely give the best ranking to the site with the most street cred so to speak.

By going to the trouble of creating unique descriptions for the products you sell, you can help break away from the others; maybe you won’t be number 1, but there’s a much better chance of being listed above the multitudes using the same content.


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1 comment for Product descriptions are important
  1. Absolutely. I find this on both aggregators (like Amazon) and actual retailers’ sites. More information (and preferably reviews), equals a better experience.

    Comment by Jack from eyeflare travel tips — September 27, 2008 @ 8:13 am

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