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Brick Wall Online Survey Questions

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Tuesday March 12, 2013 )

If you’re running an online survey in connection with your business, ensure the folks who have taken the time to start filling it out can actually complete it.

I mentioned recently that I experienced some extraordinarily good service when getting some business cards printed. It’s the first time I’ve organised business cards purely online.

I had my design uploaded and was done and dusted very rapidly – and then I had the cards within 2 days; quite an achievement given I live in a remote area. The company, VistaPrint, pretty much under-promised and over-delivered in my case and I was very impressed.

I emailed them to let them know briefly about my experience as I think it’s important to give positive feedback on a great experience as it is to provide constructive feedback on a not so good one.

Today, I received a survey request from the company and I was quite happy to complete it – but I couldn’t. The showstopper came early in the piece when I was asked about my interactions with their customer support team during the lead-up to placing my order.

The great thing about my experience was I didn’t need to contact them at any stage. I found the system quite easy to use (but perhaps a little bit too much upselling/cross-selling IMO – something I was going to relay to them).

However, there was no option for NA (not applicable) – and thus ended my survey.

Moral of the story is – if you’re going to go to the time and expense of creating customer feedback surveys, respect the time of the people you want to fill it out by ensuring it can be completed.

To my way of thinking, compulsory questions are a no-no for this sort of thing; or there should be an NA option for each survey question that may not apply in every circumstance. Whatever information a customer is willing to provide is information a merchant should be thankful for.

That said VistaPrint, in the words of the great philosopher Arnie… I’ll be back :).


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