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Online shopping is a game

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Thursday May 26, 2011 )

Thanks to the Internet, the mindset of shoppers is rapidly changing – purchasing goods and services online is becoming more of a game and coupons play an important part.

Yahoo! and Universal McCann surveyed 2,485 consumers across six categories and found 2 in 3 people stated they trust the Internet for researching their purchases; ahead of magazines and TV.

The survey also discovered shoppers are becoming less impulsive and will take the time to research before making a purchase decision. This is another reason why it’s a good idea to grab the person’s email address as soon as possible as they may not purchase on their first visit and forget about you after they leave.

Good email marketing software packages offer autoresponder features so you can set your follow up marketing on autopilot – this is sometimes referred to as drip marketing; messages sent out to the person at X, Y, Z intervals after they have signed up.

How to get them to sign up? Regardless of what you may read elsewhere, special offer subscription popups work very well – it’s all in the implementation.

Something I’ve been rabbiting on about for years is the use of coupons and their appeal to our hunter-gatherer roots. Yahoo! and Universal McCann discovered that 82% of consumers felt finding a great deal was the biggest factor of consumers feeling like they have had a win.

69% of shoppers are now actively seeking more deals and coupons online, and nearly half use more coupons now because of the Internet. Increasingly it seems that if people are after a particular product, they’ll go looking for coupons.

Implementing coupons doesn’t have to be complex; most good shopping cart software and services have the feature built in. People have a tendency to forward coupons on, so they can be quite viral.

One of the interesting things I discovered a few years back is that you can sometimes have more success by having a coupons page on your site and making it very visible, rather than running a “sale” – I think people have become a little jaded by the whole “sale” concept – coupons are a little freshere and as mentioned, have the additional aspect of being a part of the “game” of winning in online shopping.

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