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Global online population statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Saturday December 23, 2006 )

As another year rapdily draws to close, I thought I’d take a look at various current statistics related to the current global Internet population.

Statistics are approximations and current as of late November 2006

Overall online population: 1.76 billion

Africa online users : 32.7 million
Population: 915 million
Saturation: 3.6 %

Asia online users: 378 million
Population: 3.6 billion
Saturation: 10.3 %

Europe (entire) online users: 311 million
Population: 807 million
Saturation: 28.9%

European Union online users: 239 million
Population: 462 million
Saturation: 51.9%

Middle East online users: 19 million
Population: 190 million
Saturation: 10%

North America online users: 231 million
Population: 331 million
Saturation: 69.7%

Latin America/Caribbean online users: 85 million
Population: 553.9 million
Saturation: 15.4%

Oceania / Australia online users: 18.3 million
Population: 33.9 million
Saturation: 54.1%

Statistics sourced from Internet World Stats

While regions such as North America, Canada, Australia and the European Union seem to have matured; take special note of Asia. The days of Anglo-Saxon “domination” of the online world are surely numbered!

Have a think about your online business in relation to the global market. Are you continuing to hammer traditional markets and finding that you’re expending more energy and cash for less return?

Perhaps 2007 might be the year that you consider expanding your operations and reach into other countries where English is not the primary language – before your competition does.

If this is something that interests you; I’ve just published an article on web page language translation you might find useful!


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