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Internet fraud 46% of complaints

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Friday January 27, 2006 )

The Federal Trade Commission has released consumer fraud and identity theft complaint data covering January to December 2005.

The FTC received over 685,000 complaints during the period with 63% of those related to fraud. Of that percentage, Internet-related complaints accounted for 46%. Reported online fraud where wire transfer as the method of payment increased by more than triple between 2003 and 2005. I’m sure Western Union is loving that news ;).

Methods of payment reported:

Bank Account Debit – 13%
Cash/Cash Advance – 2%
Check – 14%
Credit Cards – 43%
Money Order – 22%
Telephone Bill – 1%
Wire Transfer – 5%

Of the 55% of complaints where the method of initial contact was reported as being the Internet, email comprised 35% and the web 20%.

The median loss amount for online fraud was $345 in each instance. This represents a 45% increase over 2003. 5% of complainants stated losses of $5,000 or more, an increase in numbers of over 100% compared to 2003.

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