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Risky sites and your business

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Monday June 4, 2007 )

Many people would probably think their computer would be more at risk of malware infection from visiting adult sites than it would by visiting a music site. A report about to be released states otherwise.

According to a study by McAfee Inc., 9% of high ranking adult sites for popular search queries were sources of spyware and adware whereas 19% of digital music download sites that turned up in related searches contained these threats.

There were quite a few other interesting snippets in the LA times article regarding risky sites and searches, but to me the important issue for small online businesses is even though you might practice safe surfing – if your business computer is used by others, do they also surf defensively?

This can be a common problem for home based business where kids in the family also use the same computer that you conduct business on. It’s important to never take it for granted that your children know how to steer clear of trouble.

Even if your computer is firewalled and has an up to date virus scanner; these safeguards should be considered as a last line of defense rather than the first. You are the first line and others who might use your computer need to understand just how important it is that they know the risks and ramifications of your PC being compromised and use it responsibly. Ensure you know the sites they are visiting. Take the time to get to know their hobbies and interests finding safe sites for them to use. Encourage them to ask you “is this site safe” before visiting it if they are unsure.

To underline the importance of taking such steps, imagine waking up in the morning to a computer that was totally trashed and every single communication you had with friends and clients and every single transaction you’ve recently made in the hands of someone else, or your computer quietly cranking out offensive spam to the same – and thousands of others.

For further information about protecting your system, view my article on anti-hacking tips for home based online business.


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