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Nigerian company fighting fraud

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Friday March 9, 2007 )

It’s not often I write anything positive about Nigeria, especially when it comes to ecommerce; so I’m very pleased to introduce a new service operating from Nigeria that’s been launched to help merchants around the world do business safely in that country.

Nigeria has the unfortunate reputation of being a “high risk” country when it comes to business, due to rampant scams such as Advance Fee Fraud and other various other fraudulent schemes.

If you’ve been involved in online business for any length of time, you probably currently disregard any business communication from Nigeria and likely void any purchase in your online store originating from there. And rightly so.

Does that mean to say there’s no honest companies in Nigeria? Not at all, it’s just that given the nature of the political and business environment there, it can be awfully risky. You can never really be sure if who you are dealing with is who they say they are without having someone “on the ground” in that country checking things out for you.

Given this environment, for the legitimate companies in Nigeria, the country’s general reputation is an awfully difficult issue for them to get around when trying to do business in the West – and there are plenty of honest operators over there wanting to partner with merchants over here. It’s a terrible shame.

Some months back I was approached by Paul Oki, a respected Nigerian lawyer – yes, a real one – and he wasn’t trying to tell me he had 2 million dollars to transfer into my bank account :).

Paul wanted to set up an online legal service, but was finding it challenging navigating his way through the ecommerce setup maze, particularly because of where his business was located. The sad thing about it all is, Paul’s online business idea was all about fighting fraud originating in Nigeria.

Over the months since our initial contact, I’ve worked with Paul intermittently while he pursued his goals. He’s not only a seasoned legal professional, but an incredibly nice guy to boot!

I’m pleased to say his service is now launched and I’d like to introduce is a confidential due diligence service for business, providing merchants with the necessary research on a Nigerian company they are considering doing business with. will perform the appropriate searches to ensure that a Nigerian company is properly registered with their Corporate Affairs Commission. DDCheck also provides other professional company search services that can dig right into a Nigerian company’s operations – their history, board, shareholders and debt etc.

One of the great things about Paul’s service is that if you submit a company search and it turns out to be fraud – there’s no charge whatsoever – it’s his company’s contribution to help protect other businesses and to go some way to fighting fraud originating from his country.

So, finally there’s an easy and confidential way for Western businesses to confirm the legitimacy of companies in Nigeria, instead of just disregarding the idea of an association altogether! It’s my understanding that Paul has already been retained by some western companies for ongoing work, which is wonderful news!

I certainly wish Paul and the best of success!



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