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Ready for mobile commerce?

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Sunday August 22, 2010 )

As if online merchants didn’t have enough to do, m-commerce now appears to be a profitable sales channel. You might not be ready for mobile-commerce but a recent survey indicates it might be ready and waiting for you.

The study, performed for Sterling Commerce and Demandware, Inc., found that 15 percent of consumers have used mobile devices to make purchases and nearly a quarter of shoppers use their phone while in a store to comparison shop.

Of the 3,600 U.S. consumers surveyed, 25% of shoppers said that receiving specials and coupons would be an important use for their mobile phone when shopping.

Would-be m-commerce shoppers are still concerned with security and nearly half surveyed would like the option of using PayPal.

Other barriers to the use or increased use of m-commerce included the small screen posing challenges, making it difficult to visualize products. Slow load times and difficulties in completing checkout functions due to a small keypad were also cited as common concerns.

The online survey was performed by SmartRevenue in June/July 2010 and surveyed consumers aged 18 and older. Nearly all consumers surveyed own a mobile phone and just under half owned a smart phone. I seem to remember reading statistics somewhere that said cell phone users change their phone every 18 months on average, so smart phone adoption will no doubt continue to rise sharply.

A mobile version of a web site appears to be rapidly moving from being a gimmick to a gotta have sales and marketing tool.

You can read more of the survey findings here


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