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Women online in India

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Tuesday February 14, 2006 )

With the online population of India expected to climb to 100 million in the next couple of years; like China, it is a market that none of us can afford to ignore.

A rapidly growing demographic in India are women. According to the Internet And Mobile Association of India, the estimate for male to female ratio in the next 2 years is 60% male and 40% female. In 2004/05 the online population was 72% men and 28% women.

So what do the women of India do online?

96% use Email
44% – IM/Chat
63% – Surfing
65% – General Search
21% – News
15% – Matrimonial/Dating
55% – Job seeking
36% – Astrology – this is an absolutely *huge* sector in India
17% – Religious & Spiritual Information

As in western countries during the early years of ecommerce, Indian women are hesitant when it comes to financial activities generally; but some of this may also be tied up in cultural differences compared their Western counterparts.

11% – Auctions
9% – Stock Trading
12% – Bill Payments
24% – Online Banking
22% – Online Shopping
4% – Donating or Charity

It’s interesting to note (what I believe to be) a rather high incidence of stock trading online by Indian women. I wouldn’t be surprised if this well exceeded comparable activities in Western countries.

The survey carried out by Internet And Mobile Association of India of over 6300 adults also revealed that 36% of female respondents owned a credit card and 41% have a debit card.

The Internet And Mobile Association of Indiareleases some excellent data in relation to ecommerce and marketing trends in their country; it’s worth a regular visit.

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