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India’s online population growth

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Saturday July 26, 2008 )

Recent figures from ComScore show that more than 28 million people in the country went online during May – a 27 percent increase over just a year ago.

The potential for further growth is huge given that only 3% of India’s population is online. While the country may have more than its fair share of poverty, it is becoming increasing affluent; thanks in part to the amount of outsourcing of work to India by western companies.

Some other snippets from the ComScore report

– The average amount of time spent online each session during May was 28 minutes

The number of sessions per user for the month averaged out at 25

– The young ‘uns spend the most amout of time online each month – 12 hours for the 15-24 age bracket.

– Popular categories of sites among Indians (those experiencing the most growth) – Maps, Sports, Entertainment – Movies and Finance – News/Research.

– Most popular destination? You guessed it; Google .. and by a big margin.

We tend to forget that the population of western countries is dwarfed by countries such as India and China – and both these economies are powering ahead – so if you’re finding things quiet on the home front; perhaps look into expanding your online horizons.

Read more of the ComScore report.


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