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Adobe, Microsoft & Google antics

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Thursday June 22, 2006 )

Adobe have inked a deal with Google sure to make Microsoft’s Steve Balmer and the MSN search team’s heads spin – perhaps right off their necks; especially after some other recent issues between MS and Adobe.

The deal was struck even after Microsoft had backed down on including an automated “save as PDF” option built in to Office 2007, and on top of that also made an offer to Adobe to bundle their Flash and Shockwave software with every copy of Windows Vista. But it was only a compromise , Microsoft still had plans to offer Office users a separate free software download to save documents as PDF.

Adobe announced yesterday an agreement with Google to bundle the Google Toolbar with various Adobe products for the next few years – and those products include the Macromedia Shockwave┬« Player. Users will be asked whether they wish to install the Google Toolbar during the Shockwave Player installation process for Internet Explorer.

The Shockwave Player is installed on more than 55 percent of Internet-enabled PC’s.

The digital bloodshed in the search industry just seems to flow faster and thicker with each passing day :). Google are most certainly exacting their revenge upon Microsoft after being snubbed by governing bodies on Google’s objection to Internet Explorer 7’s search box.

This is the second big toolbar deal for Google in the last couple of months – the previous being with Dell preloading Google software, including the toolbar onto shipped PC’s .

I wonder if Microsoft will now take the offer to bundle Flash and Shockwave players off the table – what’s your guess? :).

I think it’s fairly safe to say that Google has the search industry well and truly by the short and curlies and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future – regardless of any organic search results quality issues currently being noticed by site owners and search engine optimizers.

It’s going to take a *lot* of heat to melt the Google snowball, but, stranger things have been known to occur. Do you see an end to the Google Empire anytime soon – if so, how do you see it happening?

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1 comment for Adobe, Microsoft & Google antics
  1. When the following 2 things happen, Google will face serious threat:

    1) UI & Relevance Improvements on MSN Search.

    2) Release of IE7 and/or Vista.

    Most people don’t consider themselve tech smart and won’t attempt to change the search box from MSN to Google in IE7. They’ll see it as having two choices… either type in or use the search box. I venture that many will opt for the search box.

    Now if they hate the results or the UI on the MSN results page, then they’ll make the effort to go to

    I’m loyal to Google but Microsoft is starting to impress me. If all continues as it is, Yahoo will become #3 in 2 years or less. Who is #2 & #1 will be interesting to watch.

    Comment by Melvin Ram - Internet Marketing Specialist — June 22, 2006 @ 5:24 am

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