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Gift cards – giving that gets back

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Friday March 10, 2006 )

A report from NPD research states that gift cards help boost sales not only just after the holiday season, but for many months afterwards. According to the company, January was particularly active in the redemption of gift cards and certificates with greatly increased activity over the year before. For the harried shopper, or those like myself who are just plain lazy, gift cards are becoming an increasing popular method of gift giving.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. According to an NPD survey, while over 50% of all holiday purchased gift cards from a particular retailer were present by the end of January, that still leaves a truckload that will be redeemed throughout the year, mostly up until the end of May.

Better still, the company found that 59% of gift cards that were redeemed up until the end of January were purchases that exceeded the value of the card itself – on average, an extra $26 was spent.

Gift cards, coupons and certificates aren’t only the domain of bricks and mortar stores – most quality shopping cart software packages offer these functions. So check out your cart’s functions and perhaps consider offering gift certificates as a product – not just as a holiday hook, but as a standard line – and be sure to promote the fact on a separate page.

Another reason for implementing gift certificates is the potential for greatly increasing your customer base – people you can market to later. A traditional gift is purchased and the recipient rarely knows where it was purchased from, but a gift certificate recipient gets some great exposure to your business.

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