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Gift card popularity

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Monday November 27, 2006 )

In years gone by, a gift card, coupon, voucher or certificate was generally viewed as a thoughtless gift. Perceptions are increasingly changing and many people would be happy to receive a gift certificate this year.

According to a Discover Card survey of just over a thousand US adults, 58% stated they would be very happy to receive a gift card. Another 26% said they would “touched” by the thought behind the gift. Only 9% stated that they would be disappointed.

Other key findings:

– 76% would consider giving a gift card so that the receiver can get what they like

– 65% would purchase a gift coupon for the sake of convenience

– Giving a gift card is a far more popular option than sending cash

AS mentioned in a previous post on this topic; gift coupons translate very well to an online shopping environment; both for the giver and the recipient. Most good shopping cart applications have gift certificate features and at this time of the year, it’s really something worthwhile flaunting on every page of your site. Be sure to make the purchasing process as simple as possible.

The positive effects for online merchants of offering gift certificates goes way beyond a convenient purchase or a quick sale. By providing coupons, you expose the recipient to your store – when gifts are purchased, usually the recipient has no idea where the gift came from. It’s also not uncommon for recipients to spend over the value of the gift certificate – so instead of a sale of $50, you might wind up with a purchase of $70.

If you’re interested in incorporating gift coupon functionality, but your cart doesn’t support it; I’ve listed a few applications that do in my shopping cart reviews article.

Read more of the DiscoverCard gift voucher survey results.


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