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Fraud prevention – make it count

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Sunday July 9, 2006 )

A rather annoying experience today with a company making a totally futile attempt in exercising anti fraud strategies.

An order was placed for a few hundred dollars, then a few minutes later, an email came through demanding verification via fax. Fax?? How passé … so late 90’s.

I absolutely despise having to go to the trouble of printing out multiple pages requiring a signature at the bottom of each page, plus complete a form by hand, then have to use an antiquated technology to return it – but I do tolerate it when it’s in conjuction with fraud prevention; it’s somewhat of positive reflection on their operations.

But here’s the bit that really got to me.

Aside from basically needing to repeat what was already on the online order and signing off on it, there was no request for a scan copy of the credit card or a copy of photo ID.

In my opinion, this made this company’s fraud prevention strategy totally and utterly useless . Forging a signature they don’t even have doesn’t require any level of criminal genious. I was almost tempted to sign the pages “Bite me”, just to see if they would pick up on it, which I seriously doubt.

And what’s with this “faxing” business?? That doesn’t provide any added level of authenticity either. So much for the paperless office. What made the situation even more frustrating is that this is a company supposedly on the cutting edge of communications technology.

Under different circumstances I would have demanded a refund on the order and gone elsewhere, because if that’s how much thought the company puts into fraud prevention processes, I’m a little worried how much hassle they are going to be in other dealings.

Credit card fraud prevention is a very necessary component in any ecommerce venture; but bear in mind that anything that puts up a block for customers will cost sales. Protect your business, put the necessary safeguards in place by all means, but make them count and make the process as least frustrating as possible. Show the customer that the inconvenience is a demonstration of your commitment to security, not just a paper and time-wasting exercise.

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