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Follow Up Shopping Cart Abandoners

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Monday January 2, 2012 )

While shopping cart abandonment is generally considered A Bad Thing; we’re reminded it’s a part of the online shopping process.

I’ve been out to a few sites today checking out various products, but haven’t bought a thing. But I will tomorrow or later in the week – and a couple of items will come from the sites I’ve visited.

A new e-book from SeeWhy says shopping cart abandonment is an important part of the normal buying cycle for many people and observed an interesting phenomenon in one of their studies – serial “abandoners” are more likely to purchase if followed up on than one-time abandoners.

This makes perfect sense to me as I’m definitely a serial abandoner; whether it’s a large or small purchase.

After analyzing the behavior of more than 600,000 online shoppers, SeeWhy found 75% of abandoners will either return to a site to purchase or return to abandon again.

Given this, the company recommends that shopping cart software be set to remember contents for a period of 60 days and a ‘welcome’ program should be established for new shoppers as ensuring those people return to the site, even if they continue abandoning for some time, will increase the chances of getting a sale by 300%.

SeeWhy says 90% of conversions come from visitors already somewhat familiar with a company and two times out of three the eventual conversion will come from an email.

I’ve been using email marketing software with follow up functions (or drip marketing as the cool kids call it these days) for some years now and it doesn’t seem to matter what the industry is; it just works. In relation to some products, I’ve thought outside of a couple of weeks of automated follow ups would be useless, but even after 60 days of messages, they are still being opened, links are being clicked and sales made.

Grab those email addresses as soon as someone hits your web site and half the battle is over – and a hover popup is a great way to do this.

SeeWhy’s free ebook contains a bunch of interesting information in relation to their study and tips on how to follow up with those who abandon shopping carts – you can download it here.


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