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European ecommerce predictions

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Saturday July 15, 2006 )

With 100 million Europeans spending an average of €1000 each in online shopping transactions this year, the European retail ecommerce sector is expected to power past €100 billion by the end of 2006.

Forrester Research also predicts that European online retail sales will increase by more than double to €263 billion in 2011; fueled by 174 million online shoppers increasing their average spend to €1,500 each.

The top categories in the European market:

– travel
– clothes
– groceries
– consumer electronics

Over the last two years, the number of European online shoppers has increased by 37%. The UK remains the major source of online retail spending, with average spends of €1,744. This is expected to increase to just over €2.4k in 2011.

The next richest source of online shoppers in Europe is Germany, where the current average spend is €786; predicted to grow to €1,441 in 2011. Germans are expected to comprise 25% of all European online shoppers in 2011.

In terms of growth over the next 5 years, the French are tipped to be the fastest growing segment with their online retail market tripling its size to €39 billion.

While Spain and Italy combined constitute a fifth of Western Europe’s online population, they currently account for less than 7% of W. Europe’s online retail sales. That share is expected to grow by 2011 to nearly 10%.

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