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US retail ecommerce sales up

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Wednesday August 23, 2006 )

I wonder if we’ll ever see statistics saying otherwise :). According to a recent report from the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce, US retail ecommerce sales in Q2 2006 were up 4.6% over Q1.

Total retail ecommerce sales for the second quarter were 26.3 billion dollars (adjusted). This figure doesn’t include online travel services, financial brokers and dealers, and ticket sales agencies.

The graph tracking ecommerce sales from 1999 onwards on the Department of Ecommerce site is quite impressive and reminds me of the hill I walk up daily when trying to get a bit of exercise :)

Second quarter 2006 ecommerce results represent an increase of around 23 percent over the second quarter of 2005.

The Department classifies ecommerce sales as retail goods and services where the transaction occurs over the Internet, an extranet, EDI network, email, or other online system, but doesn’t necessarily mean that the actual payment occurred online.


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