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Don’t just eBay your ecommerce

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Monday September 15, 2008 )

I’ve been making more purchases on eBay of late and something I’ve found really interesting is the number of merchants who don’t bother with having a stand alone web site.

Obviously it’s not a burning issue as some of these merchants appear to be doing a roaring trade, but given the incredible amount of competition out on the auction site, I would have thought that anything that could provide an edge would be used.

eBay doesn’t provide a ton of tools for merchants in terms of allowing them to display content, so a nice brochure site could go a long way to assuring a wary potential customer – like me :).

For example, I was shopping recently for an electrical appliance and two merchants had the item I wanted. Both had similar “buy it now” pricing and their feedback rankings were about the same. One however had a full domain and a brochure site that explained a little more about the company which greatly reassured me. My bucks went to them.

I’d guess there’s a few eBay merchants who read this blog from time to time; I’d be curious to know if there’s any particular reason why so many merchants don’t have stand alone companion sites. Is it a time issue for you? Cost? Knowledge? Or have you found that it simply didn’t make a difference?

This article on Internet Retailer also recommends merchants having a full ecommerce site – to see eBay as a starting point rather than the be all and end all. One merchant’s experience has been that their eBay customer service costs are triple the amount than on their own online store, so they’ve been moving to get customers off eBay and onto their own site.


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