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Still money in domain names?

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Sunday July 8, 2007 )

So is there still money in buying domain names for resale purposes? It seems so, big bucks actually, but you’ll need to register or acquire the right ones of course.

Late in June, a domain name auction run by at the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York saw the sale of a couple of hundred domain names that netted altogether just under $11 million.

Two names exceeded one million dollars – went for $3 million and sold for $1.8 million. These weren’t full sites – just domain names running ads and in the case of, there’s nothing displaying at all except for an auction notice. It doesn’t even have PageRank :).

Moniker is no stranger to brokering big dollar domain name sales. Here’s some of their recent achievements during 2007. – US $1.18 million – US$650,000 – US$350,000 – US$275,000

.. and a few other high price tag names that I won’t mention here given that this is a sort of family-friendly blog – but one went for $9.5 million; you can probably guess what the name was :). As always, there’s a particularly brisk trade in good adult, gambling and pharmaceutical related names.

I was surprised to see amongst their sales some names I would thought not to be hot property achieving incredibly high prices; such as for $150k. Again, no site attached to that one, save for a ppc ad landing page.

Domain speculation and trading certainly still appears to be a booming industry, but much of the revenue isn’t so much from the sale of domain names, more from ad revenue from type-in traffic – which in turn does help to boost their value when they are finally resold.

Before you start spending up big on buying domain names like for the purpose of resale – take a look at my article on domain trading and speculation and learn from my mistakes :).


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