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Customer experience survey results

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Wednesday October 20, 2010 )

A recent survey has found customer experience doesn’t just contribute significantly to where consumers choose to spend their cash, but also how much of it they will part with.

The survey, conducted online in the USA among 2,217 adults, was carried out by Harris Interactive on behalf of RightNow Technologies; which I should mention are in the business of “customer experience” :).

Anyhoo, it seems a whopping 85% of consumers surveyed said they would pay more if it ensured a superior customer service. It’s interesting in that in these tough times in the USA, people are prepared to pay more not to be treated like crap; probably as a result of being treated poorly so often.

So how much extra are they prepared to pay? 55 percent would pay 10 percent or more and 37 percent would pay even more than that.

Rightnow says that based on the results of this survey the industry could have generated an additional $87 million in revenue in on Black Friday alone last year by providing superior customer experience.

I’ve got to admit that I would be in that 85% in most cases too. I remember a recent eBay purchase where two merchants had exactly the same item, but one wanted about 20% more (I’m talking an item costing 50 – 60 bucks – not in the thousands). I sent the same question to the two merchants and while the cheap merchant got back to me first, I could hardly understand the response and it was quite abrupt. The second merchant went into detail and explained clearly and offered to answer any further questions. Merchant no.2 got the sale.

I bought a vehicle recently and something the salesman said to me has stuck with me – “If you’re not going to get good service before the sale, when are you going to get it?”.

Anyway, this is something that the little guys of the online world can use as a differentiator – if you can’t compete with the big guys on price, do it on service – it often doesn’t cost any more to do so.

A couple of other interesting stats from the survey:

– Word of mouth influences 76 percent of purchase decisions
– 79 percent of consumers that have had a negative experience with an organization told others about it.

.. and the biggest reason why consumers stop doing business with a company was rude staff (73%) – something that is certainly within the realms of small online businesses to address.

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