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Consumer Shopping Intentions Survey

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Wednesday January 21, 2009 )

I don’t think any of us would be surprised to learn that consumers are generally speaking going to be spending less this year, but there’s a segment planning to spend the same and perhaps even more than they did in 2008.

Some of the findings of a random survey conducted nationwide with 815 consumers by Cavallino Consulting LLC:

While 69% of all consumers plan to spend less in 2009

– 58% of consumers 18 – 24 years old plan to spend the same or more
– Almost 80% of consumers 35 – 54 years old plan to spend less

Perhaps it’s the Obama factor, but consumers are surprisingly relatively optimistic about the economy in 2009

– 23% expect it to improve in the first quarter
– 44% expect it to improve by the second quarter
– 63% expect it to improve by the fourth quarter

As for consumers’ own financial situation

– 46% expect to be about the same
– 40% expect to be better off
– 12% expect to be worse off

That’s pretty darned optimistic. Maybe there’s some life in the old system yet, or maybe people just have too much faith in the powers that be to clean up the mess while preserving the lifestyle many of us have grown accustomed to. Whichever way things go, it’s going to be one of commerce and ecommerce’s most interesting years!

The full Consumer Shopping Intentions survey report can be downloaded here (PDF)


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