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ClickBank launches recurring billing

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Thursday June 21, 2007 )

This will have many ClickBank merchants who wish to offer subscription and periodical premium membership services rejoicing – the company announced a couple of days ago that they now offer recurring billing services.

The ClickBank recurring billing option does not attract any monthly minimums or fees; you pay purely on succesful transaction value. There’s nothing to apply for, the recurring billing option has been enabled for all ClickBank merchants.

One of the interesting features of the service is that it doesn’t give up on billing a subscriber after a single debit attempt failure; but ClickBank’s announcement isn’t clear on how many times it will attempt to bill in those circumstances.

The transaction fees are a little steep, especially compared to PayPal – for recurring billing items over $40, the fees are 7.5% of the retail price + a $1 “stocking” charge. For items under $40, it’s 9.9%; but the service does reduce processing, fraud screening, refund and chargeback headaches as ClickBank looks after all that.

Another advantage of the ClickBank recurring billing service is their affiliate features are also included and the commission percentage is taken from the net sale price. There are no extra costs for utilizing the affilate features and any participating merchant can offer an affiliate program using ClickBank’s very simple tools.

So basically ClickBank is now a one stop shop for recurring billing; particularly useful for merchants not able to utilize PayPal for whatever reason, or for those testing the ecommerce waters with a new business and not wanting to sink too much time or capital outlay into back-end ecommerce processes and affiliate management/payments.

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1 comment for ClickBank launches recurring billing
  1. Would like to see ClickBank implement some kind of IPN like Paypal so this can be truly automated.

    Comment by Dave — June 21, 2007 @ 9:53 am

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