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Click to purchase delay

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Thursday July 12, 2007 )

Over the past two years, the click to purchase delay time has risen by 80% according to a recent research report.

The research from ScanAlert and reported by Marketing Sherpa shows that online shoppers wait an average of over 34 hours from the time they first click through to a web site to the time they purchase from that site.

The reason for the increasing delay between click and buy appears to be that shoppers are researching more. People have become more adept at and comfortable with general search and using comparison engines. I suspect that social networking is also playing a role – people seeking out opinions on companies, products and services from other consumers who have purchased the item of interest.

I can certainly relate to the trend reported; it’s pretty rare that I’ll buy anything online without first hunting around to see that the merchants I usually use are offering a reasonable deal and for larger purchases, I’ll sometimes wait days or weeks before deciding where I’ll buy from.

But price doesn’t seem to be a major factor for amount. MarketingSherpa states it’s down to issues like shipping times, guarantees and credibility. The amount of product information available is also a factor.

The bottom line is that people often aren’t coming to your site to buy, it’s to compare initially – so it’s important to pull out all the stops to grab and keep their attention in order to secure the sale. Also, if you’re working on direct click to buy statistics for gauging the success of your marketing efforts, then you’re likely working with incorrect data – you really need to be using full featured click tracking software that can report sales from “old” clicks and provide a wealth of other information.


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