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What do Chinese shoppers want?

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Thursday January 17, 2008 )

With the dreaded “R” word (recession) doing it’s rounds in relation to the USA, it’s good to remember it’s not the only country on the planet. No, really, it’s true. Things aren’t doom and gloom everywhere – for example, the Asia Pacific ecommerce market is forecast to explode.

eMarketer is forecasting B2C e-commerce sales in the Asia Pacific region to grow at a 23.3% annual rate, hitting $168.7 billion in 2011. Japan and South Korea, the region’s mature market, will both lose share to two emerging online superstars – China and India. China’s online population grew by 20% in the past year and India’s by a whopping 33%

Other developing countries including Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia, are also set to become notable ecommerce economies in the coming years. A couple of the barriers still to overcome from an infrastructure aspect in particularly China and India is a national credit card system and efficient delivery networks.

But what about Chinese shoppers? What are their biggest concerns about shopping online? Emarketer quotes some research from the China Internet Network Information Center

Uncertainty about security of online shopping – 61.5%
Little guarantee of quality and support – 45.7%
Privacy concerns – 28.2%
Insufficient conditions – 23.3%
Inconvenient payment methods – 21.7%
Delivery delays – 10.7%
Overpriced – 10.2%
Lack of choice – 8.3%
Other – 4%

Their concerns are much the same and at the same levels as shoppers in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia reported some years ago. I can’t say I’m familiar with how to sell to these groups, but imagine the principles of reassuring your site visitors would be the same.

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