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Cart abandonment survey results

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Wednesday August 10, 2011 )

The more things change, the more they stay the same as the old saying goes – and it certainly seems to apply to shopping cart and checkout abandonment.

According to a recent survey carried out by Econsultancy, hidden charges remain a big no-no with over 70% of people stating this would lead them to bail out. The next big concern was payment security, followed by technical issues such as slow loading pages. A lack of company contact details also featured high up on the list of reasons a person would scoot.

Thankfully, these are all issues that should be relatively easy to address. I outline more issues and solutions in my article on reducing shopping cart abandonment. While you’ll never rid yourself entirely of shopping cart abandonment (as some folks are just tire-kickers), little tweaks can sometimes make a huge difference.

Other reasons mentioned in the survey were prices being too high or delivery costs being too steep. A factor I hadn’t come across before is compulsory registration being a major block. 26% of the 2000 UK respondents said this would be enough to make them abandon the shopping basket.

But before folks even get to the cart, decisions are made whether to even venture that far. The survey found 48% of respondents said the display of “trustmarks” (such as third party security seals) on a site is a point in the merchant’s favor.

Again, clear contact details were also important at this stage said 46% of respondents and good old fashioned WOM (Word Of Mouth) also played a role (41%).

The Econsultancy survey also provides some insights as to what online shoppers want to see on product pages – delivery times and charges were the most important aspect, followed by detailed product information, then info on returns policies.

You can read more of the survey report here.


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