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Cart abandonment statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Tuesday May 27, 2008 )

Statistics from MarketLive show that shopping cart abandonment rates have jumped considerably in the past year, as have site bounce rates.

In Q1 2007, the overall cart abandonment rate was around 57.88%. Q1 2008 saw the abandonment rate jump to 59.43%; a 2.68% increase according to the The MarketLive Performance Index and based on close to 100 e-commerce sites the company monitors.

Additionally, bounce rates are also increasing considerably. A bounce usually means where a visitor only views a single page on the site before leaving. It can also mean a visitor only staying on the site for X period of time or less. I’m not sure which of those groups the report is referring to, but for Q1 2007, MarketLive’s statistics show a bounce rate of 32 .94% and for Q1 2008, 39.15%; a jump of over 6%.

The reasons for the increases likely boils down to economic reasons; people are just even more jumpier now about spending cash and the smallest “gotcha” can throw them off. The increase in popularity of comparison shopping also plays a role.

If you leave adding extra charges onto a purchase until the very last page or inflating shipping charges in order to try and get by the consumer and make a few extra bucks, it’s probably a really bad idea – sticker shock sends people packing quick smart and makes them feel decieved.

There’s all sorts of reasons for shopping cart abandonment generally, many of the related to trust. In many scenarios there’s some very simple things you can do to cut down on the number of people who bail out at the checkout. Pick up some tips for minimizing shopping cart abandonment.

Read more interesting statistics and tips in the The MarketLive Performance Index report. The report is free, but registration is required.


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