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Top Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Saturday February 2, 2013 )

The more things change, the more they stay the same – even when it comes to shopping cart abandonment.

LivePerson carried out nearly 6000 interviews with online shoppers hailing from the UK, US, Australia, Germany, France and Italy in December last year to gauge what folks are looking for in an online shopping experience.

The bottom line is if shoppers can’t find what they want quickly, they’ll scoot. The top reasons for shopping cart abandonment, in order, were:

– Unexpected delivery costs
– Lack of product/service/delivery information
– Clunky web site navigation
– Difficulty in gaining customer service and support

According to the survey report, 83% admitted they need some form of support during their shopping experience.

93% said they considered real-time help being beneficial during their interaction; whether it’s before, during or after the purchase process.

Shoppers are certainly getting more demanding too – 71% expect to be able to access help within five minutes and 31% expect help to be immediate.

I should point out LivePerson is in the business of live chat :). Still, it doesn’t seem to matter where these sorts of reports come from, they tend to mention the same issues.

Unexpected delivery costs have sent me scooting for the close window button on more than one occasion. It can really be a nasty shock.

Live chat support is great *if* it’s done right. Too often live chat operators don’t have a good handle on the English language or the goods and services; particularly if live help is outsourced. I believe if an online business can’t afford good operators, it’s best to leave live chat alone as it can do more harm to a business than good if it is bungled.

You can download the LivePerson “Connecting with Customers” Report here.


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