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Canadians spending more (& less) online

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Friday October 1, 2010 )

According to data from Statistics Canada, Canadians spent $15.1 billion on goods and services online in 2009, up substantially from $12.8 billion in 2007.

While more is being spent in terms of volume, the average purchase dropped from CAD$183 in 2007 to CAD$158 last year.

The top 25% of online shoppers spent an average of CAD$4,210 during 2009. These super-shoppers made up almost a half of total orders and 79% of their value.

Last year, around 39% of Canadians aged 16 and above placed a whopping 95 million orders online.

The most popular categories for online purchases are travel services, entertainment products, books and magazines, clothing, jewellery and accessories.

52% of Canadians went online to browse and research products last year, up from 43% in 2007. Among these window shoppers, 69% said they purchased an item directly from a store.

Canadians are still very wary about security threats (and rightly so). Nearly a half of all those surveyed reported being very concerned about online credit card use, although the level of concern was shown to drop based on the number of years of Internet usage experience.

There are certainly a lot of seasoned Internet users in Canada now – 80% of users reported five or more years of Internet use and 55% of those people placed an online order last year compared to 23% of those online for less than five years.

Canada is a market often ignored by USA merchants; but Canadians do want to buy online from retailers over the border.

If you’re a U.S based online merchant looking to increase your Canadian customer base, you’ll need to understand the differences in dealing with Canadian shoppers, shipping issues, etc. Check out this free cross-border e-commerce handbook.

More from Stats Canada here.


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