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Business plans for online ventures

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Sunday April 22, 2007 )

I was checking over the rudimentary business plan for one of my online projects the other day and while the site is doing pretty well, I noticed I had strayed somewhat off the path from my original intentions.

That’s the beauty of a business plan, it helps you to refocus – it’s easy to lose track of original goals and ideas in amongst the day to day distractions of the online world. Looking back over the plan, I noticed some key features that really should have been activated by now.

As mentioned, the plan I had in place was basic.. probably a little too basic; quickly jotted down when the concept hatched. If I had spent more time on it, the existence of the document would have probably stayed in the forefront of my mind and I may not have gone off on somewhat of a tangent as the project has evolved.

So, while working on a new one, I thought TTB readers might be interested in an article on business plans – so here it is: Business plan development tips and template.

I hope you find it useful!


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