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Online bill payment statistics

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Thursday September 4, 2008 )

The majority of online households in the USA are now paying their bills online rather than by paper check, a recent survey has found.

According to the 2008 Consumer Banking and Bill Payment Survey, over 63 million online households are now regularly using online bill paying services; up from 61 million last year. This represents over three quarter of all online households.

Internet-using households pay an average of 11 bills per month and of these, 42% are paid online.

It was interesting to note the environment was a major factor in people choosing to pay their bills online; with 51% quoting this as being a reason.

Of those holding out from paying bills online; security concerns still feature heavily, although this has decreased in recent years. 13 percent of respondents stated online security as the top reason for not using the online bill payment service, down from 17 percent in 2007. The primary barrier quoted in the latest survey (15%) was a lack of understanding as to how the systems work.

While the CheckFree survey was focused on online bill paying, the results give us some indicators that are relevant to general online shopping. As always, the two bugbears remain – security and user friendliness. For many of us who have been online for years, we forget that these can be major stumbling blocks for many folks who haven’t been traversing the web for so long.

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