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Big business = big mistakes

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Tuesday January 30, 2007 )

Every made a mistake in your online business that still sends shivers down your spine when you recall it? Perhaps it was an email you wrote in the heat of the moment that backfired, or a typo in your site copy that was an expletive? Perhaps lost all your business records through a hardware failure?

You’re certainly not alone; we all make these screw ups and there’s some snafus we make that even after a decade still aren’t funny to look back on. Here’s what you need to make yourself feel a little better.

They say that misery loves company and the pain of someone else can help to offset your own. So what better way to forget your own embarassment but to look at some really stupid, really embarassing or really expensive mistakes made by faceless mega-corps. You know, the ones where every executive is on at least a six figure income and the CEO, VP’s and all the other top brass makes millions a year; and where you can’t get a decent job unless you have a degree. What is this obsession with degrees anyway?

Anyhow, CNN recently released the 101 Dumbest Moments in Business; described as 2006’s “biggest boors, buffoons, and blunderers”

Among the rip-snorters (is that an aussie saying only?) is the major restaurant chain that gave away a stack of MP3 players – some pre-loaded with a trojan virus that stole passwords, the coffee giant that let an viral email marketing campaign get out of hand and wound up with a $114 million class-action lawsuit filed against it; exploding notebooks and much much more.

Visit it, bookmark it, come back to it the next time you mess up and it will perhaps help bring things more into perspective. I know I’ll be visiting it regularly :)


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