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Online back to school buying

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Saturday July 21, 2007 )

More parents will head online for back-to-school purchases this year than last year and associated spending overall is expected to top $18 billion, according to a National Retail Federation survey.

The number of parents intending to purchase back-to-school online this year is projected to rise over 40% compared to 2006, from 15.2 percent last year to 21.4 percent this year.

The demographic slice most likely to shop online for related items are young parents aged 18-34, with a third of that group participating.

According to the survey; the average spend for back-to-school items will be $563.49; up 6.9% on last year.

Kids will play a big role in purchase decisions with nearly two-thirds of parents stating their children influence at least 50% of the items that are purchased for back-to-school.

Most related shopping (45%) will commence three weeks to one month before school starts. Nearly a third of parents will begin shopping one to two weeks before school commences and just over 5.4 percent will wait until the week before school begins.

Being an Aussie, I’m not exactly sure when school does go back in the USA (end of August?), so if anyone can enlighten me, I (and perhaps some other readers) would be most appreciative!

Going back to school – how those words used to strike terror into my heart when I was a young lad! Can’t say I miss my school years one little bit :).

Read more of the National Retail Federation’s 2007 Consumer Intentions and Actions Back-to-School survey


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