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Recession rumors & online sales

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Sunday January 20, 2008 )

The “r” word – recession – has been doing the rounds for a couple of weeks now. It appears it could be spooking some consumers and possibly impacting on ecommerce. (more…)

What do Chinese shoppers want?

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Thursday January 17, 2008 )

With the dreaded “R” word (recession) doing it’s rounds in relation to the USA, it’s good to remember it’s not the only country on the planet. No, really, it’s true. Things aren’t doom and gloom everywhere – for example, the Asia Pacific ecommerce market is forecast to explode. (more…)

Small business survey

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Tuesday January 8, 2008 )

Do you ever find that you dream about your business? Sometimes I wake up feeling like I’ve already done a day’s work! We’re not alone – 51% of small business owners reported experiencing sleepworking during a recent survey. (more…)

Operator initiated live chat?

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Wednesday January 2, 2008 )

Ever visited a site and a live chat window popped up inviting you to converse with a customer service operator? Did you appreciate the unsolicited offer of assistance? (more…)

Offline spending vs ecommerce

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Friday December 28, 2007 )

I remember a couple of years back a major Australian electrical goods retailer pooh-poohing the web as a channel for selling their wares. I think they are regretting that now. (more…)

Outsourcing – the human cost

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Wednesday December 26, 2007 )

If you’ve ever called a company and wound up being routed to their call center overseas, while it can be a frustrating experience; spare a thought for the person at the other end. Also, if call center work is something you’re thinking of getting into, this recent article may have you thinking twice. (more…)

Green Monday rakes in… green

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Tuesday December 18, 2007 )

Nope, nothing to do with the environment.

We have Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States and more recently, Cyber Monday was added to the ecommerce calendar – which is the the first Monday after Black Friday. Now we have Green Monday, which was last week. (more…)

Online spending record tumbles

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Wednesday December 12, 2007 )

Apparently, December 6 cranked $803 million in online sales, up 28 percent over year ago, making it the biggest online spending day in history. (more…)

Grandparents spend up big online

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Monday December 10, 2007 )

There’s over 70 million grandparents in the USA today, making them a very powerful segment of the population when it comes to spending.. and they aren’t afraid to shop online. (more…)

Biggest Cyber Monday. Ever.

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Sunday November 25, 2007 )

Over $9.3 billion has been spent online since the beginning of November; a 17-percent increase over the corresponding days last year. (more…)