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Article section - Search engine optimization and page ranking strategies to increase web site traffic tutorials and comments - free for reproduction!

Search engine optimization tips and marketing strategies

I hope you find these tips, guides and tutorials useful and that the information helps you to increase your web site traffic!  Most tutorials listed below are free for reproduction, but please read and respect the copyright statement which can be found at the end of each article.

Search engine optimization is not about "fooling" search engines. The tactics and strategies we publish are legitimate - the "bleeding edge" techniques that you will come across in SEOP (Search Engine Optimization Professional) discussion forums are better left to a time when you have a greater understanding of the subject and are prepared to take the associated risks.

The bottom line is that search engine marketing doesn't have to take up too much of your time - follow simple guidelines and keep the phrase "content is king" close to mind and you should see your web site traffic steadily increase.

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Search engine optimization primer 
The topic of search engine optimization, can be quite confusing. It's not rocket science. If you're new to the world of SEO, this beginner's guide will help you!
Ranking and traffic
Ranking number 5 isn't enough. The difference in traffic between that rank and being number 1 is huge. Find out how big the difference is in this article.
Crowdturfing threatens "ethical" SEO
A melding of the terms crowd-sourcing and astro-turfing, crowdturfing is a threat to any SEO practitioner or site owner that tries to play by the rules when it comes to ranking well in search engines.
The changing face of Google SEO.
Perhaps Google gave the Panda update that name to delineate more between black hat and white hat SEO. Maybe it's a move to even further diminish the use of grey hat search engine optimization techniques. SEO is changing, learn more.
Encouraging links instead of just mentions
It's great recognition to gain a favorable mention on a popular related site, or by a major media outlet. But if that mention isn't accompanied by a link, it won't send as many visitors or provide the link love so important in terms of search engine ranking benefits it could if a link was used. Here's some advice on how to go about addressing the situation.
Cheap backlinks and link spam
Inbound links can be a good way to improve your search engine ranks, but not all links are created equal; particularly if you buy them from services offering what is essentially just backlink spamming.
Determining your real rankings on Google
Quite a few online business owners who keep an eye on their rankings have been confused by Google increasingly showing personalized results. Here's how to check keywords to see your real Google rankings.
Guaranteed top Google rankings  
Some in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry guarantee to get you to number 1 in search rankings. Treat such guarantees with caution.
Latent Semantic Indexing - LSI
Latent Semantic Indexing is playing an increasing role in how search engines rank pages. Pick up some basics of LSI to consider in regards to your own search engine optimization strategy.
Optimizing for Bing rankings
Bing will be providing Yahoo with search results sometime in 2010. Given that when this happens, Bing will have over a quarter of the search engine market share, it really can't be ignored. Pick up a few Bing optimization tips.
Getting inbound links
Inbound links from related, quality sites can give your search engine rankings a boost. Attracting link love isn't as easy as it used to be; so if you're having trouble getting other sites to link to you, try this strategy.
Linking - avoiding bad neighborhoods
What is a bad neighborhood when it comes to linking? What can be the effects on your search engine rankings? How do you avoid bad neighborhood linking? Learn more in this article.
Title Tag guidelines - powerful spider food (revised)
Search engine optimisation through the effective use of Title Tags. 60 to 100 characters is not a lot to play with, but when used properly can really boost your page rankings.
Meta Tags and Zen (revised)
An introduction to the use of Meta Tags and their importance in search engine rankings.  
The nofollow tag and search engines
How the nofollow tag works and effects on search engine rankings.
It's not just getting linked - anchor text
The importance of anchor text in relation to search engine optimization.
Why isn't my site listed in search engines?
It's one thing to have a low search engine ranking, quite another to have none at all. Pick up some tips on why you may be having trouble getting your site listed.
Frames or no frames - that is the question!
Benefits, disadvantages and resources relating to framed sites. Important information regarding framed sites and search engine friendliness.
Text link ads - to buy or not to buy?
Buying text link ads as a part of search engine optimization strategy can be expensive and fraught with traps for the unwary. Pick up some advice in this article.
Keywords strategies
Guide to researching implementing keywords & keyphrases
Search Engine Marketing - hiring SEOP's or doing it yourself
Thinking of hiring a Search Engine Optimization firms or optimizing your web site yourself? Read our guide for tips on selecting the right company and some pointers for DIY optimization.
Robots who read
Giving SE spiders direction - a basic guide to the use of the robots meta tag
PPC - Pay Per Click - tips and resources
Free search engine listings are becoming scarcer as more search engine companies turn to paid inclusion models such as PPC. Learn more about Pay Per Click strategies in this guide.
Reciprocal links - traps and tips
Linking management software has become increasingly popular - with many traps for the unwary. Pick up some tips in this article/review
Changing domain names? use mod_rewrite!
mod_rewrite is a powerful set of Apache directives that are very search engine friendly - great for preserving your rankings if you change your domain name.
How do you find good keywords?
Trial some some free tools you can use to ascertain popular keywords and phrases for your industry. From our June 16 Ezine. 
Moving or renaming files on your web site? - Giving search engine spiders direction 
If you are renaming or moving files, you may lose your page rankings! Preserve your hard-earned rankings with this simple .htaccess 301 redirect
Meta tag generator
Free and easy to use, our meta tag generator can help you in boosting your search engine rankings.
Identifying Search Engine Spiders
Basic search engine spider identification chart and tutorial on how to keep specific agents and robots from stripping your web site.
Translating pages into different languages
Search engines see pages that you translate into different languages as separate pages - this strategy can provide you with more tickets in the search engine lottery.
Search engine optimization marketing glossary
Not sure of the difference between an IBL or OBL? . Our glossary provides definitions of common terminology used in  search engine marketing and optimization.
Search engine monitoring tips
Adding fresh content, refining existing pages and checking your rankings regularly are only components of search engine monitoring - delve deeper and reap the rewards.
Search engine relationships
With mergers and acquisitions happening every other month lately, it's getting rather confusing as to which search engine company is supplying what results to what other engines. Read the latest breakdown.
Search engine optimization software
Learn more about the benefits and challenges associated with automated submission & optimization applications. Read our review of a great package and download a free version!
Search engine marketing/optimization book review.
Looking for a great book on Search Engine Marketing and Optimization? Read our review of the best guide currently available
Pagejacking - identifying/dealing with pagejackers
The effects of pagejacking on search engine rankings, how it's done and what you can do about it.
Optimization - Free Google Tools
Webmaster-oriented online tools utilizing Google's Web API's that can assist with search engine optimization.
Using articles as a search engine strategy
We know that content attracts search engines, but is having 50 articles from external authors better than having 10 of your own original pieces?
Paragraph 1, search engine spiders and visitors (revised)
The importance of the first paragraph on your pages + information on search engine friendly images.  Give spiders some substantial food and they will reward you with an increase in web site traffic!
Flash & Search Engine Optimization (updated)
Flash - the SEO nightmare - Issues and challenges
Link Building - expert advice
A rarity for Taming the Beast.net, we've published a guest writer article! Link building and link popularity concepts and strategies in this article from Larry Sullivan from Linking101.com
Keewords=Keywords (revised)
Utilizing spelling errors to increase web site traffic. Improve your search engine rankings with this interesting technique - it really works!
Internet Marketing, Site promotion and Etiquette.
The "Common Courtesy Strategy (CCS)" series. A guide to getting your site and products noticed on the Internet using common courtesy as a tool! Reciprocal linking is a great way to get noticed by SE's!
Buying web traffic
Some things to consider before paying to have visitors sent to your site. Pay-per-click, Pay-per-view, Pay-for-listing, Site exit traffic, Pop ups, Pop unders - there are many different avenues and too many web masters/site owners are wasting their money while looking for the "magic bullet"
Studying Web Traffic and Server Logs
What is a hit? What is a visitor? What is a page view? Differentiating between traffic statistics terminology. 
Search Engine Fever
Promotion on a budget. Investigation & results of a marketing exercise in paid search engine placement.
FFA - The Facts
Have you seen the ads offering to submit your URL to 8,567,291.1 sites for FREE? Do they work? Search engines submissions are not all created equal and some may actually damage your rankings. Read on..
Optimizing for Baidu (from the TTB blog)
What's a Baidu? It's the biggest search engine in China, heads and shoulders above the Mighty G in terms of popularity. With China about to explode onto the ecommerce scene, perhaps it's a market you should look into. Pick up some Baidu optimization and submission tips.
XML Sitemaps - beginners guide
Will having an XML Sitemap boost your search rankings? How do you create and submit a sitemap anyway? Tips and tripe about XML sitemaps for the beginner.
Google ranking & country specific searches
Having problems ranking on country specific searches in Google or do you want to be able to associate a part of your site with a particular region? This simple tip may help!
Google's supplemental results
If some of your pages listed on Google as being supplemental results - the sky is not falling! Learn more about the supplemental index and how to get out of it.
What is PageRank™?
A brief look at PageRank™ and how you can view the PR of a site using the Google Toolbar. From our ezine.

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