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Beyond the ebook - ebrochure and emagazine generator software review

The introduction of the ebook some years back has definitely brought major positive changes to the digital publishing industry.  Utilizing ebooks as part of an overall marketing strategy is now within the reach of all site owners - as the technology has improved, the software necessary for creating these marketing marvels has greatly decreased in price and increased in functionality. 

Enter the e-brochure and e-magazine

As ebook type publications have evolved, they've become much more than just a simple PDF file or a series of HTML pages cobbled together within a self-contained browser type environment. 

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The main difference between an ebook and an ebrochure or emagazine is visual impact and page presentation.  E-brochures and e-magazines tend to be image rich and mimic "real" books with animated page turns or transitions; and with added functionality such as forms and other interactive elements. 

Like most ebook formats, e-brochures can be packaged as stand-alone executable files, not needing any plug ins already installed on a clients' system - an excellent marketing tool, easily distributed via the web; but also with security/payment features if you're looking to develop a premium product.

Up until recently, e-brochures and e-magazines have been created with software that was difficult to learn and expensive to buy. 

I originally reviewed Desk Top Author in 2002; when it was a relatively new product. It had a great deal of potential back then, but I recently re-reviewed the package and was very pleasantly surprised at how it has evolved over the last few years. This e-brochure and ebook generator software seems to have really come of age. There's been a stack of new features implemented, including Digital Rights Management and payment gateway features, Flash support, hundreds of additional templates and it's now even easier to use and cheaper to buy.

What can be achieved with this package is nothing short of stunning. While still a little more expensive than some other ebook software generator packages I've bought before, the added functionality makes Desk Top Author a great choice if you are thinking of going beyond just ebooks. You can even use it to create an online version of glossy magazines like those you'd buy at a newsstand.

Desk Top Author are currently offering a free evaluation version of their software - it allows you to create a two page brochure and fully test the capabilities of the application. I was amazed at just how easy this software is to use and created a basic ebrochure within ten minutes.  Desk Top Author also offer a number of sample brochures on their site that you can download, the quality (considering the download size), is quite extraordinary.

Click here  to download a free evaluation copy of the Desk Top Author  software package and review sample brochures.

Key Features of Desk Top Author

  • Quickly produce catalogues, manuals, brochures and books with real-life effects such as page turning. No previous experience with high end DTP applications required, absolute minimum learning curve.

  • DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Payment Gateway - preset the amount of free pages able to be viewed before payment is required.

  • Publish to Web and a built-in FTP upload

  • Product can be packaged as a stand-alone executable, very economical file size suitable for distributing brochures and books via the web and floppy disk. Excellent viral marketing tool.

  • Embed and or stream video, flash and MP3

  • WYSIWYG page creation and editing - even easier to use than Microsoft Word.

  • Supports hyperlink embedding.

  • Excellent for expos and trade shows, you can set the pages to turn automatically and for the presentation to "loop" 

  • No browser required and no scrolling necessary in the finished product as you can select absolute limits for page size.

  • Selection of page transitions

  • Pages can be printed or emailed depending on the settings you choose

  • Hundreds of templates included

  • Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP

  • Data security - finished product is read-only and a password can be added.

.. and that's just scratching the surface.

2 versions are available - the cheaper version is one without updates and the more expensive versions provides you 2 free major upgrades.

The Desk Top Author's uses don't just end with creating books, magazines and brochures, it can also be used to created very professional company profile packages, resumes, photo albums, media kits, quizzes, exams, tests, forms, surveys and portfolios.

If you're looking for a software package to use for generating high impact ebrochures or even ebooks for that matter, download and review a free evaluation copy of the Desk Top Author  software - I think you'll be amazed at what it can do.

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