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Become a member of the "Anti Spam Feedback" initiative - it's free!

  • ARE YOU SICK of spam in your guest books, community forums and feedback pages promoting pornographic, pinup, piracy and scam sites?

  • TAKE ACTION and show your site visitors that you care about your content!!!

Web masters! - Join the "Anti Spam Feedback" Initiative!

The Anti Spam Feedback initiative was launched in December of 2001 to help address the burgeoning problem of inappropriate spam links that pollute the guest books, public forums and feedback pages of thousands of web sites around the world.

Some unscrupulous individuals use  our public feedback pages as a free means of promoting pornographic, pinup, scam and piracy sites. It is a practice frowned upon by many of us who try to maintain sites that are available to all age groups.

But we can't monitor our sites 24 hours per day......

Why are we doing this?...

The Anti Spam Feedback initiative was implemented by Michael Bloch and Kathy Tyndale of Taming the Beast.net after months of clearing inappropriate links from their Guest Book.  The decision to go ahead with the initiative was made after a particularly nasty incident, which you can read about by clicking here.

The aims of the Anti Spam Feedback initiative:

  • To provide a visual deterrent to spammers

  • To reassure site visitors that as web masters, we care about the content on our sites and will not tolerate spamming of our public feedback facilities.

  • To provide a mechanism for a site's visitors to anonymously report inappropriate public feedback page links to the relevant web master.

  • To shut down web sites that contain child pornography or promote scams.

  • To provide support for web masters in battling link spammers.

  • Over time, would-be spammers will recognise the "Anti Spam Feedback" logo and will not attempt to submit spam links to feedback pages - especially those who have had sites shut down through the initiative before.

  • To forge better relations between web masters and their site visitors

By implementing the free code we'll provide you, you'll send a message to spammers loud and clear that you do not tolerate their links and will take action! In the first hour of this initiative being launched, we succeeded in shutting down a site that promotes child pornography. There will be many more successes in the time ahead.

If your public feedback mechanism (guest book, community forum etc.) is hosted by a free service and doesn't allow you to implement this code, please notify us. We'll approach them directly to include our initiative as a valuable addition to their service.

The code for the logo and statement we will provide you is only a few kilobytes, so it will not seriously impede page download times. This is what the code will produce (font and background colours will blend in with your site):

We appreciate your comments...

This site is a member of the "Anti Spam Feedback" initiative

But not links to pornography, piracy or scams!
Anti Spam Feedback program details - click here.
Report an inappropriate spam link! - click here.

To participate in the program is totally free.  We only ask that you act on reports from your site that we will send you, which includes advice on how to deal with various scenarios.  

When you sign up, you'll also recieve our free fortnightly ezine. Our popular ezine will contain updates on the success of the program, a list of sites shut down, plus other useful information regarding web development, internet design resources, virus information and industry news.

Sign up now to receive your free code and easy to follow instructions!

"Anti-Spam Feedback" Initiative 
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